September 17, 2019

#96: How to Reverse Your Myopia & Regain 20-20 Vision! ~Jake Steiner

Myopia (shortsightedness) is an eye condition where distant objects appear blurry, and is thought to affect a staggering 1 in 3 people in the UK alone. 

More and more kids are getting prescribed corrective lenses at 5 and 6 years old, and get steadily worse eyesight into their 20’s. How can it be that as a species our genetics are failing us so badly, where almost 40% of us have failing eyesight - a critical attribute to surviving and thriving?


Well, to discuss this condition, and the sorry state of our eyesight globally, we have the insightful and entertaining Jake Steiner join us.  

Jokingly, Jake has acquired the cringe-worthy tittle of the 'Eye Guru', as he naturally corrected his eye to 20/20 vision without surgery, and has supported 10’s of thousands of others also reverse their Myopia.

He is the founder and central figure behind the popular website and associated social platforms, and continues to provide a refreshing counter to the Lens and Glasses industry.


In this discussion, expect to hear about Jakes own journey of understanding and eyesight correction, some 101 on eyesight principles and research and the key principles behind Jake’s claims of returning your sight, at any age.


Here’s what we discuss:

🔸 Life in the Burmese Jungle

🔸 What is Myopia, Pseudo Myopia and Lens Induced Myopia? - What are the causes?

🔸 Are our genetics really letting us down so badly?

🔸 Jake’s personal story of worsening and life limiting eyesight (-5)

🔸 The issues with the $100bn Lens, Optometrist and Glasses Industry - and what they are NOT telling you...

🔸 Jake’s stubborn and relentless obsession with understanding why Myopia, and how to correct

🔸 The overwhelming research and resources online - e.g.

🔸 Jake’s meandering journey to 20/20 vision (actually 20/15!) over the years of trial and error

🔸 What is Axial Length of the Eyeball? - and how the eye adapts throughout our lives

🔸 Glasses makes our eyesight worse! - What happens physiologically when you wear lenses?

🔸 The reason for needing Reading Glasses - and Jake’s personal belief on how he will avoid them

🔸 Kids and glasses - The need to combat this trend. And it’s not with buying them specs...

🔸 The big Issue with Screens - The impact on our eyesight, and lives...


🔸 The Key Principles to Correcting Your Eyesight (up to 1 diopter a year)

          👁 No Eye Exercises

          👁 Home Eyesight Measurement

          👁 Assess Lifestyle

          👁 Reducing Time & Strength of Correction

          👁 The Daily 3 Hour Rule

          👁 Outdoors

          👁 Active Focus


Where to find Jake Steiner & ENDMYOPIA:

▪︎ The HUGE Website -

▪︎ 7 Day Email Guide - Scroll to end of home page and subscribe

▪︎ Printable Measure & Calculator 

▪︎ YouTube Channel - Jake Steiner & Getting Started Vid

▪︎ Facebook Group - Endmyopia



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