September 3, 2019

#94: Chris Duffin - His Shocking Childhood, Top Life Principles & WR Training Insights

We’re privileged to have the fascinating, incredible and wise Chris Duffin on this Episode. 

Chris Duffin is a multiple world-record holder in the power lifting and strength arena, where he has pulled 1000lbs for multiple reps, squatted 800lbs for 30 day straight and many other feats of awe-inspiring strength.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg with Chris. He’s a world-leading educator and inventor in the the Strength and Rehab space, with 1000’s of educational videos online and one-of-a-kind speciality bars through Kabuki Strength.

Chris is also an author, with his autobiography and self-improvement book The Eagle and The Dragon making waves for it’s insane life stories and inspiring principles for creating a successful life.


This conversation was amazing! Tons of wisdom, guidance and principles offered across mindset, life, training and rehab, whilst also digging to Chris’ unbelievably challenged upbringing. Well worth a listen. #Inspiring 


Here’s what we discuss: 

A. Chris Duffin - the Incredible Back Story:

1️⃣ Who is Chris Duffin? - Strong AF, Educator, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Author...

2️⃣ Chris' Feats of Strength & Recovery - From 1000lbs Deadlift for 2+ to 665lbs DL for 20, 30 day 800lbs squat challenge and more...

3️⃣ The Eagle and The Dragon - We talk about Chris’ book. Part autobiography, part self-improvement book.

4️⃣ Looking back - a crazy childhood and family setting - From no money, no house, no stability, murders, deaths, danger, human trafficking, mum in prison and depression

5️⃣ Having to grow up quickly - How and why Chris took custody of his three younger sisters, Did he resent the responsibility?

6️⃣ His Parents - lessons of how and how not to live - What does Chris appreciate about his folks unique personalities, and what aspects does he avoid in his life at all cots?

7️⃣ From nothing, to big time Corporate guy - How Chris turned his life around, and did the same for big struggling businesses


B. Chris’ Key Life Principles - relevant to us all:

1️⃣ Chasing to add value to the world - How leaving a recognisable positive mark on the world drive Chris more than any selfish need

2️⃣ Accepting and embracing Chaos, Uncertainty and Fear - Chris draws many parallels to strength training, muscle building and life. Not being motivated by comfort.

3️⃣ #Hustelporn - why most people have no business in being entrepreneurs

4️⃣ Chris’ Five Why’s Strategy to Deciding on Big Changes - Chris process he’s used to create new identities and transform his life

5️⃣ Chris Key Advice to Achieving More - this will surprise you. It’s not getting better at to-do lists, multi-tasking, or working 18 hours a day

6️⃣ Chris’s Why behind Kabuki Strength - How his businesses align to his vision, purpose and life balance desires


C. Insights into his Lifting Career & Pain Management: 

1️⃣ When Chris REALLY learnt how to Deadlift - an incredible story, with lots of training tip takeaways

2️⃣ Getting into the 1000lbs Deadlift Mindset - what it takes to life really heavy sh1t!

3️⃣ Crazy tales of losing 39lbs in one day! - Behind the scenes look into the process of making weight in performance weight-class sports

4️⃣ A masterclass on Pain - why, what and how to deal with it- Not pushing through pain, using strength training as a corrective. Global impacts. 

5️⃣ How to Avoid and Manage Pain as you get Older - Available content, correcting movement and loading patterns, priorities, not resting. E.g. Golfers elbow

6️⃣ Stronger than ever before, at 42! - What Chris puts his record breaking strength down to as he ages. How is he not declining?


Where to find CHRIS DUFFIN & KABUKI:

▪︎ The Book - The Eagle & The Dragon

▪︎ Education Content - & Youtube

▪︎ Unique Training Equipment - &

▪︎ Supplement Line - Build Fast Formula

▪︎ Social - @mad_scientist_duffin (IG), @kabukistrengthla (IG), @kabuki-virtualcoaching (IG),  Chris Duffin (youtube)

▪︎ Virtual Coaching - Schedule a strategy session



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