August 27, 2019

#93: Cholesterol - Should You be Worried? 2019 Masterclass ~Dave Feldman

Today, we’ve got Dave Feldman on to give us a feature-length discussion on all things Cholesterol. 

Dave is a software entrepreneur & engineer, turned world-leading Cholesterol researcher. His computer-science driven research combined with his Lipid Energy Hypothesis is turning the institutional wisdom of causes of heart-related diseases on its head! His website combined with his appearance in FAT: A Documentary are great resources to check out.


If you’ve been stressed, or doctors have frightened you about your high LDL Cholesterol, then this conversation will be incredibly useful. 

Especially if you have been following a Low Carb diet of sorts only to find you LDL shoot up to sky high numbers. Should you be worried? How do you interpret you health and metabolic status based on the common blood markers?

It’s 2 hours of absolute gold. Accessible to everyone, whilst geeking out in pockets to help dig deeper for those who are curious. The one podcast to listen to to get a fantastic grounding on the reality of Cholesterol, LDL, and the effects of diet.


SOUND QUALITY: Please note for the first 15-20mins only, we battled with an intermittent audio glitch. 


Here’s what we discuss:

🔸 From SW Engineer to Cholesterol Obsessed - From Dave’s entrepreneurial software background, tp low carb and high Cholesterol and now leader in Cholesterol research

🔸 The importance of understanding Cholesterol today - The Drugs, money and interventions that could be causing more harm than good...

🔸 It’s not WHAT you die of, but WHEN you die that’s important! - Dave suggests we are looking at things all wrong. 

🔸 The essential roles of Cholesterol - From structural, hormonal, digestion, cognitive and immune

🔸 What happens with Low Cholesterol Diets? - Does it cause a problem? What about on a high cholesterol diet - does cholesterol shoot up?

🔸 All things LDL - The surprising health and immune benefits of LDL, what is it, how does it get created etc. The difference between the lipoproteins. 

🔸 The reason why LDL is vilified - The current science, hypothesis and research to support our LDL worries. Correlation vs causation, plus only looking at one factor.

🔸 Dave’s issue with Statin’s, The Statin’s data, and subsequent meta analysis - How the methodologies are cherry picking, and conclusions are weak

🔸 High LDL, Longevity and Cognition - What Dave’s analysis of large data sets have shown

🔸 Dave’s Low Carb Lipid Energy Hypothesis - Energy sources, the raft analogy, use of triglycerides for energy, and the common healthy increase in LDL when low carb

🔸 The Longevity Triad - Dave talks through the observed longevity benefits of High LDL, Low Tri and High HDL.

🔸 More about Triglycerides - Why do fat-adapted low carbers have low Tri’s, and why is high Tri’s a bad thing for metabolic health?

🔸 Lean Mass Hyper Responders - Dave explains that ultra fit lean individuals can have bloodwork that scares 99% of physicians. Should they be worried?

🔸 The Cause of Heart Disease - We talk about the Response To Injury hypothesis, hyperinsulinemia, endothelial damage, constant fed state and immune responses

🔸 Dave’s position on Healthy Diets - What he follows vs what he recommends to his close family, and his open-mindedness to many diet format working

🔸 Dave’s cynicism of the medical and nutritional sciences - plus the backlash he gets with the messaging he puts out.

🔸 Cult Diet Factions vs Centralised Dictatorship - we explore our frustrations with the zealot and cult nature of diets, the confusion and the benefit of the internet and community

🔸 Not worried about peoples Diet Decisions - People will pick the ‘wrong diets’. They will stumble. With increased awareness, they will find the right diet for them. 


Where to find DAVE FELDMAN:

▪︎ Twitter - @daveketo

▪︎ Facebook Communities - Cholesterol Code and LMHR

▪︎ Website -

▪︎ Documentary - FAT: A Documentary


Show References:

▪︎ AdapNation Article on Cholesterol - summarised account of podcast

▪︎ Nina Teicholz

▪︎ Dr Bret Scher

▪︎ Ivor Cummins

▪︎ Gary Taubes

▪︎ Dr Nadir Ali

▪︎ LDL and the Immune System by Siobhan Huggins



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