August 22, 2019

#92: Oxalate Poisoning & Dumping - Why YOU Should Care ~Elliot Overton (part 2)

This is another episode where we will challenge your world view of good nutrition. Today, we’re speaking all things OXALATES, with specialist Elliot Overton

This is the second part recording to #91: Oxalate Poisoning & Dumping - Why YOU Should Care ~Elliot Overton (part 1). Click HERE for full show notes and topics we discuss throughout the two-parter.


Here’s what we discuss across both Episodes: 

🔸 What is Oxalate Dumping? - What is happening internally, how long will it last, and how to identify?

🔸 Typical collection of symptoms of Oxalate Dumping - What you may feel, randomly and cyclically. 

🔸 Steve’s ongoing experience of Oxalate Dumping - Steve goes through the unexplained, weird and coincidental last two months since dropping Oxalate 

🔸 How to Manage Oxalate Dumping - Nutrition strategies, supplementation strategies, and other approaches that can lessen dumping symptoms

🔸 What is a healthy level of daily Oxalate? - Elliot provides the safe range, with caveats, as well as justifying why everyone should be mindful of Oxalate consumption 


Where to find ELLIOT Overton:

▪︎ Youtube Channel - EONutrition

▪︎ Facebook Page - EONutrition

▪︎ Website & contact -


Show References:

▪︎ Sally Norton - leading expert and insightful website

▪︎ Lost Seasonality Paper & Overconsumption os Plants - insightful Oxalate paper by Sally Norton

▪︎ - Susan Owen’s informative Oxalate website

▪︎ Susan Owens - Performed over 2 decades of research to date on Oxalate and effects on autism and other conditions

▪︎ Trying Low Oxalates (TLO) Facebook Community - 22K members. Care and support. Oxalate spreadsheets. Well moderated



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