May 8, 2019

#76: Stuck In A Rut? + Our Fav Leg Exercises

This conversation is about BEING STUCK IN A RUT.

You know the story. You (or they) once we’re in good shape, you’ve been fitter, leaner and healthier previously, but things have slipped and you find yourself without the drive or momentum to get yourself out of the hole.

We’ve all been there. But here’s the interesting thing - most people will say “I’m just stuck in a rut. I know what I need to do, but…”. What follows is varied, but typically has some aspect of past experience when they once lost weight or were in better shape. Oh, there will inevitably be a few ‘facts’ they hold as gospel, which no longer hold water based on latest nutritional science.


This is the essence of the Podcast today. Understanding the Psyche, Context and Unique Solution to getting out of THE RUT.


Intuitively we all know that holding extra weight is a function of over eating over a long period of time. As such, and combined with past experience and mis-informed knowledge, we mostly have just one modality of losing weight. The way that worked before. "If eating too much got me here, then I just need to do the polar opposite. Starve myself of food and the things I enjoy and I’ll get results.”

There’s one big problem with that. The motivation to get out of the enjoyable (but dissatisfying) rut, for most people, sounds awful. Sheer suffering. No fun. Punishment. After all, I need to be punished and suffer to right the wrongs, and to develop, right?


Let’s explore this conversation together. You’ll enjoy where this one goes...


Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ A little Exercise Banter - Love/Hate relationship with Leg Day, and Fav Leg Exercises. Includes some mention to APR-19 #HyperWorkouts


Getting Stuck In A Rut (20:45 onwards)

2️⃣ I know what to do, but… - What this means, the hidden messages and common beliefs and excuses

3️⃣ Is what you know the only way? - Or is it the most unenjoyable and aggressive way? Your one modality?

4️⃣ How naive confidence get’s in the way - Seeking advice, but not willing try different approaches. The value of an open mind.

5️⃣ Are you asking how, or are you seeking inspiration? - Or is it something different?

6️⃣ Understand YOU then choose the Approach - How your psyche, personality, emotional and physical needs need to play into diet selection

7️⃣ Key questions to ask yourself - In answering these questions, the right short term diet and long-term habit changes will present themselves

8️⃣ Follow the ‘diet rules’, but invest in understanding the mechanism - The diet style is dependant on you. But the goal should be to be liberated with the knowledge of why it works.

9️⃣ Key pieces of advice for long term weight loss and weight management - Six ideas that underpin ongoing weight management whilst enjoying life


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