April 2, 2019

#71: Brian Keane - His Extreme Endurance Pivot, Social Media Biz & Mental Toughness

If you’re a fan of Brian Keane, enjoy listening to extreme endurance experiences, love yourself a dose of mental toughness inspiration, looking for online business wisdom, or generally enjoy discovering new interesting self-improvement leaders… then this episode is 100% for you!

Brian is a man of many talents. He has a hugely popular health and fitness show called The Brian Keane Podcast that regularly ranks in the Top 10 charts, he’s an author of two best-selling books, he’s in demand for public speaking gigs around the world, and has a range of online fitness programs.

But that just scratches at the surface. He’s been a WBFF competitor, fitness model, primary school teacher, personal trainer and Gaelic Footballer. More recently, he’s found the mental utility, exhilaration and profound value in extreme endurance events.

In the last 18 months, Brian has run six back-to-back marathons in the Sahara and run 230km straight in the life-threatening Arctic Circle!


This podcast episode introduces you to this great force for good, and explores the decisions and experiences behind Brian’s extreme endurance pursuits.


Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ Brian’s fitness journey - from Primary School teacher, Bodybuilder and now Extreme Endurance athlete

2️⃣ Building an Online Business - Brian’s experience and top advice when it comes to leveraging Social Media and building a digital brand

3️⃣ The Extreme Pivot - what was missing, wrong and unexplored that drove Brian to decide on extreme endurance

4️⃣ Brian’s Scary, Beautiful, Painful and wildly different Experiences - Both the self-sufficient Dessert 250km run and the Chilling 230km Arctic Circle run

5️⃣ Brian’s A Type Personality - Brian’s need to setting massive goals, regularly doing things he hates and not setting a plan B

6️⃣ Brian’s life-theme - How Mental Toughness features significantly in how Brian evaluates success and progress

7️⃣ Relatability to Everybody - How Brian’s insane actions ARE relevant and applicable to all

8️⃣ Body Dysmorphia - Brian’s shares his prior un-diagnosed body dysmorphia when modelling and competing

9️⃣ Obsession Switching has Purpose - how Brian’s behaviour has deeper meaning and connection to his value, helping others and guiding his daughter

🔟 Has his extreme experiences been worth it? - what has he gained, learned and developed into?


Learning More About Brian Keane:

▪︎ Podcast: The Brian Keane Podcastwith 200+ cracking episodes!

▪︎ Discussing the two Runs: Arctic Circle Episodeand Sahara 230km Episode

▪︎ Instagram: @Brian_keane_fitness with 78K followers

▪︎ Website: briankeanefitness.com where you can find his online programs

▪︎ Books: The Fitness Mindset& Leaner Stronger Faster



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