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#63: A Sleep Masterclass with Nick Littlehales, Elite Athlete Sleep Coach

February 5, 2019

A long one, but well worth the listen as Nick Littlehales drops some profound knowledge bombs about sleep and recovery!

Nick Littlehales is a sleep coach to world-class athletes, is an author, runs a successful sleep coaching service to the masses and is a crusader of Sleep, with 22 yers under his belt.

Though my journey of self-optimisation, I stumbled across just how much I was being let down by being chronically sleep deprived. Running on fumes and adrenaline, wearing myself out, making myself sick, and being a shadow of my true self. 


Fast forward to today, sleep and recovery is sacred to me, and I am more capable and giving that I have ever been. It’s embracing the lessons from Nick where things really started to change. 

I encourage you to intently listen in and hang off of Nick's guidance - to be a healthier more capable you, but most importantly…. to help our kids and the younger generations navigate an increasingly demanding, wired and 24x7 culture they are growing up in. They soon will be our leaders, and hopefully will bring a movement where sleep and recovery is embraced for maximal performance and enjoyment.


Here’s what we talk about:

1️⃣ Getting to know Nick- How he became a Sleep Expert to Alex Ferguson’s Man United and Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal in the '90’s

2️⃣ Every year has been presenting new problems - The changes in social and corporate norms in the last 20 years

3️⃣ The Forgotten Pillar to Health - In a world where we have gyms, supplements, diets, gadgets etc… why is it not working?

4️⃣ The enormous evolutionary impact of the Circadian Rhythm - What is it? Why does it matter? How to align and manage?

5️⃣ Understand Your and your Kids Chronotypes - The reality that they’re Larks and Owls, and that cannot be ignored

6️⃣Indicators and consequences of being Sleep Deprived - Learn about the mental, physical, wellness and emotional impacts

7️⃣ The power of Naps and finding your ‘mowing the lawn’ moments - Understanding why and how to get mental & physical recovery during the day

8️⃣Throwing away the 8h nighttime sleep rule away- and how to think about sleep and recovery in a refreshing way

9️⃣ Your Pre-Bed routing starts the moment you wake up- Listen to Nick’s tips on how to deliberately plan for great sleep and recovery

🔟 Tech-driven ‘Orthosomnia’ - Understand the positive and negative impacts when trying to measure your sleep



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Where to Learn More about Nick Littlehales & his services:

▪︎ The Website, where you can get a R90 Sleep Consultation -

▪︎ The Book Sleep - a best selling sleep coaching read

▪︎ Sport Sleep Coach socials - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


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