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#62: Eating Habits, Cravings & Food Environment with Tom Bainbridge

January 29, 2019

Today, we’re joined by Tom Bainbridge who talks through the fascinating topic of eating habits, cravings, addictions, decision making and controlling our food environment. Getting your head around this topic could have a huge impact not only on your body goals, but how you go about managing your life through good habits whilst replacing bad habits and cravings.

Of course, resolve and having a strong enough why is the driving force behind sustained commitment to change,but, at a physiological and hormonal level our subconscious is being directed to act in ways that could be detrimental to our goals. And these evolutionary hard wired instincts have a LOT of force on our voluntary action. So, whilst mind-over-matter has it’s place for sure, we can massively help ourselves by setting up for success physically and environmentally...


Tom Bainbridge- Tom is a UK-based nutritionist, lecturer and speaker on all things health and fitness. What makes Tom great is his extreme intelligence mixed with being open-minded, practical, pragmatic and not falling for dogma. He’s a science-driven nutritionist that values the data and studies to back up statements and recommendations. Tom runs a top-notch Nutrionist course called BTN Academy, is a frequent co-host with Ben on the Ben Coomber Radio Podcast, and is frequently invited to talk around the country. In particular, he has a deep understanding on habits, neurological and hormonal reactions in the body and the psychology as it relates to eating.


Lots of fascinating studies cited, to bring home the scientific truth behind behaviour and our food decisions.


Here’s what we cover: 

1️⃣ Getting to know Tom - Medieval Archery, Red Wine and his approach to nutrition

2️⃣ The Nudge Theory, and acknowledging we don’t have complete free agency

3️⃣ Impact of the Food Environment vs Mental State on the Obesity Crisis

4️⃣ Stress - the impact it has on our eating habits and choices

5️⃣ Our Evolutionary Unconditioned Food Preferences - what are they and why?

6️⃣ The Dopamine Pathway and reward system

7️⃣ Innate Preferences vs Food Addictions vs Eating Addictions

8️⃣ What is a Habit-Loop, the value of habits, and what is happening neurologically to drive Cravings?

9️⃣ Practical Tips to break Cravings and Habits

🔟 Top Tips of how to better control Your Food Environment


Where to Learn More about Tom Bainbridge & his work:

▪︎ BTN Academy -

▪︎ Regular on the Ben Coomber Radio Podcast

▪︎ Facebook BTN Community 

▪︎ Instagram - @tombainbridge1990



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