November 22, 2018

#52: Mind Pump’s Adam Schafer - Building a Digital Fitness Business, Personal Passions, Hard Home Truths & His Deepest Aspirations

Adam Schafer takes the time out of Mind Pump’s crazy Podcast and content creation schedule to hang out for a little bit, and give us a behind-the-scenes discussion of Mind Pump’s founding and their business operation today, as well as getting real personal on a couple fronts.

So, if you’re a fan of Mind Pump, have aspirations to scale a digital business, or generally are interested in what makes great minds tick, this is the episode to check out.

And if you don’t know, Mind Pump is one of the global leaders in the Health & Fitness Podcast and Digital content space. With over 900 Podcast episodes recorded to date, Adam, Sal, Justin, Doug and the growing team have set the bar high in terms of production quality, quantity, audience size, and most importantly… really connecting with their audience. They have huge ambitions, and have defined their own successful format - Education Through Entertainment.


Here’s what Adam and Steve discuss:


1️⃣ The why behind Mind Pump’s creation, and what gap they wanted to fill

2️⃣ The risk to get out there, before they knew what they were doing, and why that was so important

3️⃣ The decision to start with adding massive value first, before income

4️⃣ The art and science of running a modern digital business, and leaning in on data

5️⃣ The mistakes Mind Pump made in the first couple of years

6️⃣ The scale of their revenue, and where the focus is now to scale their operation

7️⃣ The future for Mind Pump, and the potential to make a big difference

8️⃣ What Katrina would say Adam’s biggest weakness is

9️⃣ How does Adam want to be remembered in 20 years time?



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Where To Find Ed Djafer:

▪︎ Mind Pump Website - - includes their popular workout programmes

▪︎ Mind Pump Podcast (2-3 episodes a week) - Apple iTunes Podcast and all popular Podcast platforms

▪︎ Mind Pump YouTube Channel- 140K+ subscribers

▪︎ Instagram - @Mindpumpmedia, @mindpumpsal, @mindpumpadam, @mindpumpjustin


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