October 9, 2018

#45: Deep Dive Into Bodyweight Training, The Elon Musk Interview & Empathy Levels

This is a Bodyweight Training focussed discussion, where we look to understand this space, it’s popularity, it’s application, as well as the pros and cons. So, if you really like doing bodyweight training at home, or feel it’s a great way to get started on your health and body transformation journey, then you should definitely listen to this episode with Bryn and Steve.


Before we get started on the main topic, we do have 20min chat about the Elon Musk Podcast interview with Joe Rogan, and the marvellous strangeness of Elon. He’s a weird cat, but absolutely fascinating. This has us reflect on our own social awkwardness at times, as well as our overall empathy levels for humanity vs the individual. Kinda interesting stuff…


The Bodyweight Training Discussion, broken down:


1️⃣ Why is Bodyweight Training so popular, and is it for good reason?

2️⃣ What types of body weight training is there - e.g. HIIT, Circuit, Hypertrophy, Animal Flow, Gymnastics, TRX, Calisthenics

3️⃣ When and Why does Bryn programme Bodyweight Training for his PT clients?

4️⃣ How does Bryn programme Bodyweight Training - is it exclusively bodyweight or a hybrid?

5️⃣ Can you use Bodyweight Training for Conditioning, Fat Loss, Fitness, Strength, Muscle Gains and Skill Work?

6️⃣ Can you exclusively rely on Bodyweight Training as part of a long term strategy to lose weight and gain muscle?



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