October 2, 2018

#43: Addictive Foods & How They Could Be Holding Back Your Body Goals - Part 1

Sure, losing weight and achieving the best body you deserve has a lot to do with your emotional and logical commitment to the goal and process, through sheer determination, willpower and grit. 

That said, too often in the fitness and food industry, the idea of food addiction is dismissed as a lazy excuse and lack of willpower. From personal experience, I disagree. Food Addiction is a real thing, and needs to be addressed as part of a plan to losing and managing bodyweight.


This discussion is broken into 2 Episodes (#43 & #44) where we look to cover off the reality of food addiction, how it happens and most importantly what to do about it. 


As we get started, for the first 10mins we have a food confessional by Bryn, who has a very real addiction with Cheese and Hummus. Lose still, he likes to dip Cheddar Cheese sticks in Hummus… 🤢



1️⃣ Drug-Like Foods - The similarities to Food consumption and Substance/Drug abuse

2️⃣ How we evolved to to use Flavour, Smell and Reward Signals to seek out our Nutritional needs

3️⃣ The basics of Flavour Types

4️⃣ What Food Engineers use to Create the Bliss Point

5️⃣ The Six Most Common Addictive Food Types that DO NOT send the Signal of Fullness 

6️⃣ What is going on within the Foods & our Bodies causing the Addictions


PART 2 (#44):

1️⃣ What is Hanger and why does it happen

2️⃣ The Rehab Plan - how to elegantly withdraw from Food Addiction

3️⃣ Replace, Not Eliminate - 9 Food Specific recommendations that make the Rehab Plan easier



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