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#39: A Real-World Newbie Experience of CrossFit

September 6, 2018

Whilst we’re not a CrossFit Podcast, and we have a natural bias towards more traditional strength and weight training, we massively appreciate CrossFit for the positive impact it’s had on people's relationship with health and fitness over the last decade. Moreover, Bryn got started with a CrossFit box a few months ago and has a really interesting perspective as a PT and someone who has always favoured strength training. 


This episode will help those who are considering CrossFit and/or those who have specific body goals understand all the value, benefits and downsides of CrossFit, from a relative Newbie who is not dogmatic and cult-like about the sport. 


Bryn walks Steve through his experience, motivations and realised benefits to date. We cover:


1️⃣ What does a typical CrossFit session look like?

2️⃣ Why did Bryn Start going?

3️⃣ Is he still interested in going?

4️⃣ Is it in support of his physique and strength goals?

5️⃣ What have been the benefits and carryover?

6️⃣ Does Bryn do CrossFit exclusively?

7️⃣ What about risk of injury?

8️⃣ What is the average age demographic?

9️⃣ Is Lisa (Bryn’s Wife) enjoying and getting value from CrossFit?

🔟 Summary Pros, Cons and Barriers to Entry


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