#38: What do We (and You) Listen to when we Lift?

September 4, 2018
What do you listen to when you hit the gym? What gets you fired up to lift heavy and have intensity, and what have you realised does NOT work?
That’s the topic of discussion in this half an hour fun chat. As always, Bryn and Steve have some differences in our needs and motivations. Check it out.
Oh, and for you Oldskool Michael Jackson fans, there’s a little treat for you towards the end of this Episode. I think you’ll like it. 😉
What we discuss:
1️⃣ Listening to Audible & Podcasts whilst training
2️⃣ Steve’s need for over-stimulation and zero distraction...
3️⃣ Aggression or Calm when lifting really heavy?
4️⃣ What are the #Instafamous listening to when they film their workouts?
5️⃣ Oldskool favourites of Steve when he first found working out as a young teenager
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