August 1, 2018

#33: Are Food Replacement Shakes a Good Thing For Health & Society?

There are a few companies exploding at the moment offering entire nutrition in four shakes a day. In what has been a spirited debate on this subject on the AdapNation Facebook Community, it made sense to bring this conversation to the Podcast and get you thinking about both the good and not-so-good aspects of these Food Replacement Shakes. 


In this 30-40min chat about the growth and refinement of Food Replacement shakes and companies, we ended up taking a ying and yang position as we both conceded a little but still held on to our very different starting beliefs on man-made shakes replacing real food.


Are they good or bad for individual health and for society at large?


Steve’s Starting Positions:

1️⃣ Total Food Replacement Marketing
2️⃣ Fuelling the decline in Kitchen IQ
3️⃣ Will we become a society or straw-suckers?
4️⃣ What about people with poor food relationship already?
5️⃣ Can the Microbiome thrive without real food?


Bryn’s Balance Perspective:

1️⃣ A great supplement for those with irregular schedules and road warriors
2️⃣ Convenience Food, Time-Poor & Excuses are the causes for Kitchen IQ decline
3️⃣ The industry and products have changed massively since Slimfast. Educating and focussing now on the important of ‘complete’ nutrition 
4️⃣ Gut instinct on whether relying solely on these shakes is a a good thing 


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