July 24, 2018

#32: Inspired by Tony Robbins, Young Life Coaches, Giving Advice To Your Younger Self & Successful Introverts

Bryn’s currently reading Tony Robbin’s Unshakeable and Steve’s getting stuck into Nelson Mandela’s autobiography (Happy 100th Birthday Madiba!) - thoughts of inspiration and self reflection bubble to the surface and end up owning this engaging conversation.


We love these chats, as you end up walking away with more positivity and enthusiasm to  think or do something that helps you develop and grow. To be a better person. Plus, we get to have a moan - very carthatic! Haha.


What we cover in this discussion:


1️⃣ Tony Robbins - His books, His Life Changing Events, His Brain Tumour, His Power and how he influenced Steve’s life for good

2️⃣ Embracing uncertainty and surprise

3️⃣ Young so-called Life Coaches and Mentors

  • We air our frustrations of 21 year olds declaring the answers to all of life’s problems and meaning. 
  • What we admire by these go getters and influencers
  • How Steve thinks they should adjust their messaging and approach - to appeal to ALL ages with humbleness

4️⃣ Your 30’s is when you REALLY get to know who you are - You drop the ego. You stop trying to be right, and make others wrong. Steve’s reflections.

5️⃣ Life Wisdom vs Currency - How older people offer more life experience and universal truths, yet the relevancy of someone younger is vital to knowing how to live in todays modern world

6️⃣ Steve’s most important piece of advice would offer to his younger self (and his kids right now)…

7️⃣ Steve’s insatiable curiosity and how it can be fatiguing for those around him

8️⃣ How there seem to be more Successful Introverts in leadership roles than Extroverts


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