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#30: World Cup Soccer Banter & Can You Train EVERYDAY & Get Stronger/Bigger?

July 10, 2018

GO ON ENGLAND!!!! At the time of this recording, The England national team just progressed to the quarter finals of the World Cup 2018 Soccer tournament. By the time you read this - I’ll be excited to watch the semi finals or will be licking my wounds…


Naturally, we spend some time talking about the World Cup - but it’s not the typical lads chat about specific players, tactics and pub banter. As fitness professionals, we detour - covering our perspective on the coaching, the team vibe, some of the BS in football, reminiscing about our childhood years playing football (Steve was rubbish!), and covering both the physique and performance of the average world class footballer.


We then hit what ends up being a provocative question, that has Bryn and Steve go at it from differing points of view and beliefs - “Is it possible to beneficially train the same muscle group everyday and get bigger and stronger?”


For context, there are individuals in the fitness domain that have tried the 90 Day Squat Challenge and reported strength and muscle gains. Then you have world-class CrossFitters who train multiple times a day and are some of the fittest people on the planet. How are they making training EVERYDAY work for them?


It’s an energised debate with lots of knowledge offered, whilst confessing to not fully knowing the answer to the question. For that reason, Bryn is up for trying a 90 Day Bench Challenge in the few weeks, and we can take theatrical discussion to actual facts! Here are some fo the areas we touch on:


Are We Able to Strength Train Everyday and Make Positive Progress?

1️⃣ Training for competition, performance, physical improvements or overall wellbeing - you have to choose
2️⃣ Frequency is important - 2 bench days are better than 1 a week. 3 is better than 2. However…
3️⃣ The importance of Progressive Overload - Volume = Sets x Rep x Weight
4️⃣ The importance of Rest & Recovery, General Adaptation Syndrome and Super Compensation - 

5️⃣ What the overtraining impact can be OUTSIDE of muscle development
6️⃣ Can you train and super compensation daily, if you keep the dose low enough to speed up recovery? What is the right dose to thread this needle?
7️⃣ Train for you Personality Type - Our long-term growth m
inded at all costs, or are you more motivated to feel good in the moment




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