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#29: Weight Training Programming Principles & Bryn’s 44h Fast Experience!

July 3, 2018

As you would have seen, earlier this month in June, the JUN-18 #HyperWorkouts released - an 8 week intermediate lifter training block as part of Steve’s personal annual phased training programme. You can find details of this Training Block below.


You can train wrong and ineffective in MANY many ways. But when it comes to doing it right, it’s pretty straight forward. Training guidance at a generic level should be free as it’s nothing novel, and that is what we intend do here at AdapNation - take the cost out of generic guidance.


So, this Episode has Bryn and Steve walk through the underlying design principles for Resistance Training Programming. These are the foundations you need to know to have a safe, effective and progressive workout plan. You’ll get a ton of value from this discussion, and will have a well-rounded understanding of programme design for the beginner/intermediate lifter. 


We talk about understanding your goals, the rep range spectrum, how to warm up, getting in some mobility and priming work, sequencing your strength and hypertrophy work, sequencing whole body vs isolation exercises, cardio-based finishers and the importance of rest, recovery and nutrition.


But first, Bryn has just come off his 44h fast! Let’s find out how he feels and what it was like. We get into he health and wellness benefits and how to consider using a fast as part of an overall fat loss strategy. 



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