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#25: Bryn Struggling With Bulking & Should You Use Supersets?

June 5, 2018

If you are either struggling to put on size and bulk (Ectomorph/Hard Gainer) or you are curious about the use of Supersets in your workouts, this will be a useful Episode to listen into. 


#1 - Bryn Struggling with Bulking & Getting In Enough Calories:

For those following AdapNation since the beginning of the year (2018) you would have heard and read Bryn’s desire to pack on lean muscle mass this year and have an athletic toned muscular frame (see Body Journal Goals). You would also know that Bryn is incredibly active and is a classic Ectomorph - someone who will easier lose weight than gain it. So, in todays catch up Steve asks how things are going:

   - Distracted from body goals due to Wedding Planning and 2 long stag dos! Can’t knock that.

   - Has found the training style that is most enjoying for his neurotype - CrossFit and dynamic performance-based workouts

   - Still cares about his Physique Goals of putting on another 15lbs+ of lean mass, but now has a bias towards performance improvement too

   - The biggest struggle for Bryn is not having the appetite or time to prepare and consume the amount of calories needed to be in a consistent surplus given his job, NEAT and training

   - How can we change Bryn’s thinking about Carbs and Fats and his Identity regarding food to move towards his daily calorie goals?


#2 - Should You be Supersetting Your Exercises?

   - What is Supper-setting Exercises?

   - What are the benefits and main reasons why Super-setting is often programmed in?

   - Does it help create bigger and stronger muscled versus doing exercises separately?

   - What are the Downsides to be aware of?

   - When is it not a good idea to Superset?


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