#17: Being A Road Warrior - Managing Your Health & Body Goals, Bryn’s Hurt & Crass Memes

April 10, 2018

In this Episode, we relate to all those Road Warriors out there - perpetual business travellers that spend a significant amount of their career in planes, trains and car. Steve has been there for the last 10+ years, and has fallen off the health and fitness wagon many times due to the unforgiving conditions and what seemingly looks like conditions largely out of your control.  

We break down the most common mistakes and hurdles that are seen in the corporate business world, and then look to practical tips and solutions. Broken down into 5 categories:


#1 - Anticipating the failure paths

#2 - Prioritising Hotels with access to quality gym facilities

#3 - Useful Travel Tools & Aids

#4 - Importance of year-round Air Conditioning

#5 - Smarter food choices


As always, we dig in to some detail to help you best understand the topics and enable you with practical guidance you can try out immediately. If you like this and other AdapNation episodes, please don't forget to subscribe to the channel, as well as leaving a 5 star review and letting friends and family know of this Podcast.