#16: Pre-Oz Special - Managing Our Training & Nutrition Whilst Abroad

April 3, 2018

In this Episode, it’s a bit of a family affair, as Steve is joined by his beautiful Wife Michelle. The topic of discussion is the upcoming month-long travelling trip to Australia, and how we are thinking about managing our training & nutrition whilst abroad for such a long time.


By the time this airs, we’ll be 5 days into this holiday of a life time. You’ll hear the excitement and anticipation in our voices. And a little nerves. We discuss:


#1 - The realisation we will be in a perhaps a large surplus most days. Ugh

#2 - Proactive ways we are thinking about reducing that surplus

#3 - The really interesting experiment Michelle is going to run regarding her training. Ladies - worth listening in to the idea she has

#4 - How we’ve booked gyms in the six locations we’re staying at, and what gear we are taking with us from home

#5 - The emotional realisation that we will likely return heavier and with more body fat

#6 - Managing the nutrition of our young daughters

#7 - What you can expect from us from an AdapNation perspective


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