December 30, 2020

#154: Essential COVID Science ~Dr. Clare Craig (UK Pathologist)

Dr. Clare Craig, an experienced 20 year pathologist veteran within and outside of the NHS, joins us on 30th Dec to talk about a number of key COVID scientific matters that have been significantly been misrepresented in 2020.

Expect to hear us cover Asymptomatic Transmission, Case Definition, SAGE, PCR Testing, Lateral Flow Testing, Excess Deaths, Hospital Pressures, the New Variant, False Positives, Herd Immunity, Immunity Metrics, Interesting Alternative Surveillance and much more. Full show notes listed below. 

Clare has worked not only with the NHS, but also on the important 100,000 Genome Project and AI cancer diagnostics, and given her specialism is incredibly familiar with testing and diagnostics.

With this experience and her advanced scientific faculties, she is able to interpret the science in ways most cannot. As such, whilst she recognises the viral pressure in 2020, she is highly sceptical with the approaches being taken nationally and globally. 

This episode is a synthesis of the most important scientific questions AdapNation has received regarding the COVID UK response in recent weeks. We cover a great deal, and should provide essential context and scientific insight to the whole nation - no matter your beliefs and position regarding the govt actions. 

It’s a long interview due to the breadth of topics, the need to answer them with sufficient depth, and this unique situation to get such an expert speak at length to our many scientific curiosities. As a top tip, try listening at 1.5x speed - it’s sounds good and condenses the listening time. 

ESSENTIAL LISTENING for all. Please share to your friends and family to widen and expand our public understanding of the actual science regarding COVID. 


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed -


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Where to find DR CLARE CRAIG:

▪︎ Twitter: @ClareCraigPath

▪︎ Dr. Clare’s website: 



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