October 12, 2020

#147: Gym Training for Longevity & Wellness ~Bryn Jenkins

Bryn Jenkins is back on the AdapNation mics, this time to touch on a subject close to most people’s hearts this year (the year of COVID) - how to exercise in a way that helps improve longevity, wellness and a pain free existence. 

This year has seen a major shift in priorities of gym goers. Losing weight and looking good is still important - because let’s face it, a good looking physique is a healthy physique - but now shoring up people’s defences against infections and old age has come into sharp focus. 

Up until this year, it’s been too easy to give longevity and wellness goals lip service, but not really commit to it. Why? Well, I guess it comes down to it being less tangible and obvious. You don’t know you haven’t got vitality and true wellness until you finally experience what it actually feels like… or “healthy people” start getting seriously ill and/or passing away. 

There are several priorities to wellness and longevity, and all of them need a lifelong commitment. Today, however, we focus on deliberate gym training - specifically weight training - as a means to keep good body function, healthy pain-free joints, impressive age-appropriate strength, healthy muscle mass, appropriate flexibility and great posture. 

As Bryn trains many people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, you can be rest assured his guidance is appropriate and effective for all ages, all fitness levels, and all levels of training experience. 

You’ll get the benefit of learning about the most effective training structure and principles used by top athletes around the world, but made accessible to everyone. 

To make it easier to visualise, follow along and give people a solid place to start, Bryn created an example 3 Day weight training programme. You can download the editable excel Training Programme template HERE, as well as adding your weights and goals within. 

P.S. This episode was recorded on the 25th September. Oh, and excuse the odd cough here and there - I managed to choke on my glass of water half way through. We edited out the coughing fit, but a few stragglers lingered on. Don’t worry, I didn’t have COVID. ;) 


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed - https://adapnation.io/147-longevity-gym-training/


The #BeYourBest Journeyhttps://adapnation.io/beyourbest-journey/ (£10 coupon BESTYEAR-2020) 


Where to find BRYN JENKINS and his work:

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▪︎ Intent2Improve Gym - website & social 



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