August 6, 2020

#141: Raging Tribalism, Social Anxieties & Mental Health Epidemic ~Dave Cottrell

Dave Cottrell, Mental Health and Mindset Coach, joins us for an open and honest exploration of mental health issues, the raging tribalism we are seeing today, and anxieties worsened by the COVID-19 crisis. Recorded 20th June 2020. 

Dave is uniquely positioned to have this conversation. Suffering with Bipolar, a menacing mental condition, since his teens, he has experienced the deepest darkest times followed by mania on an infinite loop for over half his life. Luckily his attempt on his life wasn’t successful, as we are all blessed with his deep empathy, insight and wisdom when it comes to navigating mental health and modern life in general. He’s hung up his nutrition and PT hat to dedicate his energy into unique and deeply caring services of mindset and mental health coaching. 


We seem more divided and more anxious than ever before. There’s tons of passion, care and energy in the world, but joined with lots naivety, vulnerability, aggression and tribalism. This dark energy is reaching its crescendo with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lockdown and government responses. 

But so much has lead to this point - Brexit, UK General Election, Trump Administration, Race Inequality, Veganism, Climate Change. The thing is, much of this energy and fighting would not be possible without social media. We would be otherwise blind to all our differences. 

The problem is, a huge part of our ability to live long and well depends on our Strong Social Bonds, Community and Optimism. We’re hurting our health and our civilisation - this issue needs attention.

In this episode we attempt to bring these issues to the fore, whilst also making it a practical conversation for the listeners. We explore bipolar, mental health issues at large, the root causes, tribalism, the death of the friendly debate, social media, COVID anxieties and how to expand your comfort zone. 


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed -


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Where to find DAVE COTTRELL & his resources:

▪︎ Website -

▪︎ Social Media (MindsetByDave) - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube 

▪︎ Twitch -

▪︎ Free 1h Mindset Coaching - A Life A Day


Referenced Resources & Third Parties:

▪︎ Lost Connections by Johann Hari 

▪︎ The Looking-Glass Self

▪︎ @justmanupsocial 



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