June 1, 2020

#132: #FlattenTheFear - COVID-19 Real Science, Data & Truth ~Ivor Cummins

It’s time to blow the barn doors off of this COVID-19 mainstream hysteria, anti-science and fear-inducing messaging. Enough’s enough, it’s time to bring in the real science, data and truth to this discussion. It’s time to #FlattenTheFear. Recorded 29th May 2020. 


To do so, we have the brilliant Irish engineering mind Ivor Cummins on the mics, who will stop you in your tracks with the avalanche of logic, scientific analysis, and damning conclusions from experts all around the globe. 


Ivor Cummins, who spent 30 years managing large-scale complex medical engineering projects, has dedicated the last eight years to the science of nutrition and health. Through his tireless efforts online, at talks, producing movies, and leading charities, he is helping people worldwide reclaim their health through simple dietary interventions. 


As the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in January, he quickly dropped his diet and heart health advocation to commit all his engineering and biology brainpower to better understand the crisis, and how we as people and governments should be responding. Diving into the data and science, he’s been on mission to counter the mainstream fear-based hysteria with the more tempered reality. 


Ivor has quickly become a leading mind globally in best understanding the dynamics of this virus and its health impact across the world. 


This is not about conspiracies. It’s 100% about the science, data and evidence. If you want to be honestly brought up to speed on the realities of COVID-19, and how you should be thinking and feeling about the risks, this is an absolute MUST-LISTEN. 


Don’t just listen - share this evidence-based episode to those in your life you care about. They deserve the truth too. Unless we change the public sentiment, we’ll have our civil liberties suppressed for an awfully long time... 


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed - https://adapnation.io/132-covid-19-science/ 


The #BeYourBest Journeyhttps://adapnation.io/beyourbest-journey/ (£10 coupon BESTYEAR-2020) 



Where to find IVOR CUMMINS and his work:

▪︎ Website - https://thefatemperor.com

▪︎ Social Media - Twitter, YouTube & Facebook 

▪︎ Movie - Extra Time 

▪︎ Book - Eat Rich, Live Long  

▪︎ Podcast - The Fat Emperor 

▪︎ Charity - Irish Heart Disease Awareness 


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▪︎ Understanding Immunology Video Webinar (recorded) 

▪︎ Professor Sikora - Twitter & UnHerd Interview 

▪︎ Professor Sunetra Gupta - UnHerd Interview 

▪︎ SAGE Mar 2020 Guidance to elevate emotion and social shaming 

▪︎ Lord Sumption interview on BBC 



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