May 13, 2020

#130: Top Biohacks, Big Muscles & Longevity Insights ~Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin - world renowned ‘Biohacker’ and former natural Pro Bodybuilder joins us for a fascinating insight into what the edge of self-optimisation and optimising wellness looks like. 


Biohacking is a term that is growing in popularity, but still very much a niche idea. In health and wellness circles, it’s an expression of health optimisation with techniques, technology, supplements, nature and medical procedures. 


Biohackers can often be considered obsessive, over prioritising the minutia, and over investing into quantification and tech. There is sometimes a sense of wanting to live forever by playing god with technical innovations. But, this is an unfair representation. 


Kris Gethin is a shining example of someone who deeply understands wellness and longevity, and invests appropriately for his life priorities and income. Kris is a fellow podcaster, personal trainer, wellness enthusiast, author, and owner of a supplement line and gym academies. 


Get an insight into how Kris’ mind works as it relates to optimising health and biohacking, his journey from bodybuilding to optimised wellness, and his fringe biohacking experiments. Most importantly, learn about his most accessible and highest priority biohacks that we should all consider. 


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed -


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Where to find KRIS GETHIN and his work:

▪︎ Main Website - 

▪︎ Instagram - @krisgethin

▪︎ Podcast - The Knowledge & Mileage Podcast

▪︎ Supplements - Kaged Muscle


Third Party References:

▪︎ Dr. Dome Dentist- metal filling removal 

▪︎ Red Light Rising (discount code ADAP-10) 

▪︎ Somavedic EMF Scramblers 

▪︎ Clint Ober and Earthing The Movie 

▪︎ Ben Pakulski

▪︎ Ben Greenfield



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