April 8, 2020

#124: Veganism: The Unsettling Moral, Political & Nutritional Truths ~Lierre Keith

20-year ex Vegan and acclaimed author Lierre Keith, joins us to expose the ugly truths about veganism and plant agriculture that we never hear.


Lierre breaks down the flawed and misunderstood moral, political and nutritional world views that are so popular in vegan, vegetarian and plant-based advocacy. 


This is not a witch hunt. Lierre cares so deeply about causing least harm, harmonising with nature and replenishing our looted soils. She makes the claim that the most passionate about nature and sustainability, are unfortunately the most naive regarding our modern plant-heavy food supply. 


This is why we did this episode. To empathetically speak to the devout Vegans, Vegetarians, and those seriously considering a plant-based diet for ethical, sustainable and nutritional reasons. There is no judgement, just adult knowledge to supplement people's passion. 


Pro-Vegan messaging can strike a chord in quick soundbites. Rebutting these soundbites requires deep dialog and understanding. Lierre’s emotional and jarring book The Vegetarian Myth does exactly that from a moral, political and nutritional perspective. 


We try our best to represent the key elements of her book within this unavoidably long Podcast interview. It’s worth committing the time. We all need to level set on some ugly truths if we are to find sustainable and nourishing ways to exist. 


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed - https://adapnation.io/124-lierre-keith/


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Where to find Lierre Keith and her work:

▪︎ The book - The Vegetarian Myth 

▪︎ Lierre’s website - Lierrekeith.com 

▪︎ Facebook - Friend request Lierre Keith 


Third Party References:

▪︎ Overshoot by William R. Catton



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