March 4, 2020

#120: Improve Your Memory, Productivity & Creativity ~Mattias Ribbing (pt2)

Mattias Ribbing, aka Grand Master of Memory, joins us for a fascinating part two on short term memory, productivity and focus.


Mattias held the Swedish Memory Champion title for three years in a row, and was internationally named the Grandmaster of Memory. Competing in memory sports, he would do things such as quickly memorising 1060 random digits without a mistake!


Mattias laid out the key tenants to great memory in episode #115: Boost Your Memory & Learning Skills ~Mattias Ribbing, Memory Champion.


In this episode, Matthias leans in on strengthening you short term memory, improving focus, productivity hacks, and the negative consequences of the technology explosion on our brain and our performance.


Mattias shares some incredible practical tools you’ll want to explore, as well as getting reflective and philosophical on the ruleless tech-heavy world we live in today.


This is a powerful, practical and highly relatable discussion, which should leave you asking some questions of your lifestyle and motivated to hack back for greater mental performance and productivity.



Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed -


The #BeYourBest Journey (£10 coupon BESTYEAR-2020) 


Where to find MATTIAS RIBBING and his work:

▪︎ Main website -

▪︎ International Book - Maths Unwrapped: the easy way to understand and mater mathematics 

▪︎ Episode #115: Boost Your Memory & Learning Skills ~Mattias Ribbing, Memory Champion

▪︎ Ribbing’s Bike Exercise - a memory trick to remember 10+ things with ease 


Third Party References:

▪︎ #109: How to become Indistractable & taking back the reigns from tech! ~Nir Eyal

▪︎ Boomerang for Gmail - controlling when you send and receive email 

▪︎ Self Control for Mac - An app to help with focussed work 

▪︎ Chris Dancy’s Don’t Unplug Book - How to use tech to your health and productivity advantage 

▪︎ #99: The Life Changing Effect of Mindfulness & Meditation ~Danny Penman

▪︎ Francesco Cirillo's Pomodoro Technique for maximising tireless productivity 

▪︎ Study - Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity



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