#12: Carb Cycling, Steve’s Mini-Cut Approach & Bryn’s CrossFit Experience

March 20, 2018


In this Episode of AdapNation, we dig into the latest dieting craze Carb Cycling and then discuss Steve's Mini-Cut dieting approach.

First though, for the first 10mins or so we talk Bryn's betrayal of Steve as he goes to his first CrossFit WOD! CrossFit might be great for him emotionally and neurologically, but will it help with his body goals… lets see.

Q1: What is Carb Cycling? Who should consider it? What do you do? Does it work? What are the downsides?
Q2: Steve's mini-cut - effectively a calorie restrictive diet for 3-4 weeks to keep his raising fat levels in check due to be year-round bulk. How is he doing this? Does it feel like s**t? What Diet is he following? Can Steve still have his notoriously big dinners? His Answer may surprise you.


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