February 4, 2020

#116: Can You Maximally Build Muscle on a Keto Diet? ~Danny Vega

Keto Muscle Building guru Danny Vega joins us for a part two on Keto, but this time the focus is on maximally building muscle whilst on a ketogenic diet.

Danny first joined us on the show in Episode 108, where we laid down the Keto knowledge, definitions and life benefits from taking a low carb and nose-to-tail approach to nutrition. In this episode, we decided to get really curious and specific as it relates to performance and muscle growth.  

For as long as there have been bodybuilding bros and athletes, there has been a strong emphasis on consuming a lot of carbs to fuel performance and to get bigger and stronger. Therefore, the natural response to a Keto Diet is that it will be suboptimal for athletic and bodybuilding goals. 

Is this a true statement? Are carbs essential to maximise progress? Can you build appreciable muscle on a low carb or Keto diet? What sacrifices are you making in doing so? 

These are important questions, as is the question about how to intelligently introduce carbs into a low carb diet and still maintain ketosis and fat adaptation when you have very specific training goals. And, what performance issues can you expect as you transition into a ketogenic or low carb lifestyle?

Danny helps answer these questions with detail, relatability and non-dogmatically - offering us all some great Keto muscle building intelligence. Some of which will surely surprise many listeners.  

This episode is great for everyone, whether you are in a low carb diet or not, as we cover many physiologic response to our diets and the effects that has on our training and muscle development. 



Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed -   https://adapnation.io/116-danny-vega-keto-muscle/

The #BeYourBest Journeyhttps://adapnation.io/beyourbest-journey/ (£10 coupon BESTYEAR-2020) 


Where to find DANNY VEGA and his work:

▪︎ Instagram - @dannyvega.ms@fatfueledmom & @fatfueledkids 

▪︎ Keto Muscle Intelligence - Keto muscle building nutrition and training program and coaching 

▪︎ Carnivore Keto Cut - Danny’s successful and enjoyable 30 day weight loss cutting program 

▪︎ 5 Mistakes Behind Keto Muscle Building - free downloadable guide 

▪︎ Fat Fueled Family - The Podcast & The Website 

▪︎ Facebook - Danny Vega 


Referenced in Show:

▪︎ Ben Pakulski & joint-venture Muscle Intelligence Keto Plan 

▪︎ Keto Savage - Robert Sikes 

▪︎ Dr Benjamin Bikman - Leading Insulin expert 

▪︎ UCAN Superstarch - A Keto-friendly carb supplement 



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