January 28, 2020

#115: Boost Your Memory & Learning Skills ~Mattias Ribbing, Memory Champion

Mattias Ribbing, aka Grand Master of Memory, walks us through his most powerful techniques and concepts behind developing a strong memory, that in turn optimises learning and super charges our ability to understand. 

Mattias held the Swedish Memory Champion title for three years in a role, and was internationally named the Grandmaster of Memory. Competing in memory sports, he would do things such as quickly memorising 1060 random digits without a mistake! 

Today, however, Mattias is the author of four books and a renowned speaker. His focus is no longer on spectacular feats of memory, but instead helping children and adults massively improve their ability to learn through engineering understanding and remembering through visualisation.

Memory is so much more than an ability to reel off some facts, remember someones name, or recite a phone number. Memory is the cornerstone of human experience, and a stronger memory will enrich your life. From learning new things and developing new ideas to vividly recalling past experiences and designing your best life based on your acquired wisdom.

So, if you wish you could remember more of what you read or listened to - both the main ideas as well as the details, then this episode is a must! If you want to develop your expertise, make maths easier, and generally remember more of your life, then Mattias offers some incredible yet simple insights into how great minds do it.  


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed -   https://adapnation.io/115-memory-mattias-ribbing/


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