January 21, 2020

#114: Menno Henselmans’ Definitive Guide to Weight Training Programming

Learn Menno’s definitive guide to weight training programme design in the densely packed episode.

Menno Henselmans is one of the few popular voices in muscle building and fat loss that speaks from a truly evidence-based standpoint, is not dogmatic, and has also walked the walk.

Menno is know for many things, including his support of the sciences, his enviable physique, and world class coaching practice. But the biggies are most probably his positions on Training Volume, Training Frequency and Training Recovery to maximise muscle growth.

So, for that reason, we dedicated this interview to Menno providing us with his definitive position on optimal weight-training programming design for you, me and every other non-competing gym over who wants to look good naked.

We’ll cover Menno’s thoughts on Consistency, Training Volume, Progressive Overload, Rep Ranges, Intensiveness, Training to Failure, Recovery, Frequency, periodisation and a few other things too.


Check out the Full Show Notes of What’s Discussed -  https://adapnation.io/114-menno-henselmans/


The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journeyhttps://adapnation.io/beyourbest-journey/ (£10 coupon BESTYEAR-2020) 


Where to find Menno Henselmans and his work:

▪︎ Main website - https://mennohenselmans.com

▪︎ Menno’s Free Email Course on Building Muscle and Losing Fat 

▪︎ Instagram - @menno.henselmans

▪︎ Facebook - MennoHenselmans


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