December 18, 2019

#110: A Guide to Human Evolution & The Diet that made it all Possible ~Dr. Bill Schindler

Dr. Bill Schindler, the hands-on anthropologist and archeologist, and overall student of prehistoric and indigenous cultures and tooling, joins us today for what is a truly fascinating and thought provoking discussion on our evolution as a species.

Bill’s on a mission to take the archaeological record and get the truth out there to the masses. He believes is we can all better understand our evolutionary past, and what critical nutritional and tooling decisions were made along the way to result in the most capable species on the planet, then we will know how to thrive as individuals today.

It’s astounding just how much we know about our early cultures, practices, diets, food processing, tooling and how we acquired our food.

Furthermore, the strong linkage we have established between an increase in nutrient density in our diets and the explosion in body size, brain volume, intelligence, social skills and proliferation is a compelling call to better respect the power of nutrition.

In this episode, Bill helps us understand the connection between the technology we developed, and our very existence! That without the food acquiring and processing tools we developed and harnessed, we simply would not be. This is powerful stuff!


This episode strongly makes the case to return to an ancestral-influenced diet, with evidence and logic that is hard to refute.


Check out the show notes for a full run down of what we cover. Enjoy! This will absolutely help you #BeYourBest.


Full Show Notes of what we discussed -


Where to find BILL SCHINDLER and his work online :

▪︎ The Dr Bill Schindler website

▪︎ &

▪︎ Social - Twitter (@DrBillSchindler),, Instagram (@DrBillSchindler), Facebook (drbillschindler)

▪︎ Bill Schindler, starring in National Geographic's The Great Human Race

▪︎ Discovery Channel Naked and Afraid TV Show 



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