December 3, 2019

#108: Danny Vega on all things Keto, helping your Kids Thrive & Ancestral Nutrition

Keto and Animal-Based advocate, Muscle Building Expert, and doting dad Danny Vega joins us on this episode for an incredible discussion around Keto, Kids Health, Traditional Nutrition and addressing the Health Issues of our modern processed and plant-heavy western diets. 

Danny Vega is most well known for his enthusiasm for the ketogenic diet and how he has successfully integrated this nutritional lifestyle within his loving family and in the gym. He runs a successful blog and podcast called Fat Fuelled family with his with Maura, and their kids even have a instagram page showcasing their nutrient-dense low carb diet! 

Danny is the real-deal. Honest, caring, and genuinely motivated to help people understand the practicality of thriving on a very counter-culture way of eating. He also defies the narrative that you cannot build muscle on a Keto / low carb diet… he’s jacked! 

Danny has teamed up with prior AdapNation guest Ben Pakulski to design and successfully implement a nutritional and training regime for people wanting to maximise muscle growth whilst on a ketogenic diet. We agreed to do a part two soon on exactly that. It’s a hotly requested topic, and Danny has the answers to building muscle on a low card diet! 


This is an amazing conversation, as I knew it would be. We cover a ton, and Danny calls out the great insights from 17 leaders in nutrition and fitness space, all of which are linked in the Show Notes below. 


Full Show Notes of what we discussed -


Where to find DANNY VEGA online :

▪︎ Instagram - & @fatfueledkids 

▪︎ Fat Fueled Family - The Podcast & The Website 

▪︎ Facebook - Danny Vega


Referenced in Show:

▪︎ Ben Pakulski & joint-venture Muscle Intelligence Keto Plan 

▪︎ Michaela Peterson

▪︎ Dom D'Agostino

▪︎ Elliot Overton - AdapNation Oxalate Episode 

▪︎ #Carnivore75hard by @NutritionwithJudy 

▪︎ Keto Savage - Robert Sikes 

▪︎ Luis V from Keto Gains

▪︎ Cian Foley - Don’t eat for winter 

▪︎ Mark Bell

▪︎ Dr Gabor Mate

▪︎ Dr Cate Shanahan - Deep Nutrition 

▪︎ Sally Fallon Morell

▪︎ Weston A Price foundation

▪︎ Dr. Bill Schindler

▪︎ Charlene & Joe Anderson 



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