November 19, 2019

#106: How Steve’s Losing Weight SO Fast!

This is AdapNation’s first solo Podcast, almost 2 years in! I (Steve) will be sharing all the details and current personal experiences with my last and final dieting phase, as my ambitious two year body transformation comes to an end.

In Jan 2018, I publicly declared my body goal, and have been hard at work for the last two years working towards this aspirational physique. The journey ends with a photoshoot on 11th December 2019 at the AdapNation Gym. So, I’d better trim off the excess fat!

In this shorter episode, I share with you how I am going about losing 13lbs in 5 weeks, whilst retaining my muscle mass and getting photoshoot ready. 

As always, it’s a transparent and honest insight into my experiences, and not just some theory on how to lose weight. I give you the full scoop, so you can go about doing something similar if you fancy it.


Here’s what I cover:

🔸Update and Stats on My Current Cut

🔸How I specifically designed this last dieting phase

🔸The Fasting Blitz Cut - a full run down of schedule, calories and reasoning

🔸My Food Choices and Supplements during this cut

🔸My approach to Training and Exercise

🔸How I feel mentally, emotionally and physically on this aggressive diet

🔸The Pros and Cons of this approach to my goals and life in general

🔸What will happen after this diet


I referenced a few things in this Podcast:

▪︎ My Jan 2018 Body Journal declaring my 2 year goal

▪︎ 2019 W45 Body Journal explaining the Fasting Blitz Cut

▪︎ #HyperWorkouts - Weight Training Programs I am following (DEC-19 releasing shortly)

▪︎ Episode #103 with Paul Carter and #105 with Christian Thibaudeau

▪︎ What Supplements I take and why article

▪︎ The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - click NOTIFY to get informed once released



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