October 15, 2019

#100: 101 on Losing Fat For Good! Revisited (pt1 /2)

The BIG question. 

How do we as a species struggle so deeply with managing a healthy and athletic weight? We seem to be the only ‘animal’ that has undesirable and uncontrollable weight gain - spreading like a virus across modern societies. What gives?

We cover this, and much much more in this info packed two parter. Our best attempt in providing you the keys to a great body AND great health… for the rest of your life. 

It’s time to revisit FAT LOSS on the podcast. It’s a common thread in our discussions of course, but our last comprehensive 101 on how to lose and keep fat off was in Ep13-15!

Our knowledge and experience has developed. There is nuance in our recommendations, and a couple new effective ideas have been embraced with great effect in the last 15 months. 


Hope you enjoy it! #BeYourBest


Full Show Notes of what we discussedhttps://adapnation.io/100-losingfat-revisited/


References made within the show:

▪︎ The Weight Loss Guide (3 parter)

▪︎ Online TDEE Calculator

▪︎ IIFYM+ Thrive Eating Approach

▪︎ Happy Scale- weight trending app

▪︎ Guide to Eating Out Whilst Dieting

▪︎ The Importance of Sleep

▪︎ Calorie Planner Tool



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