#9: Importance of Rest, Recovery & Sleep & How To Get More

February 27, 2018

In this Episode, we hit on an incredibly important topic. The benefits of proper Rest and Recovery for health, body composition and mental state, and the consequences of chronically disobeying natures' inbuilt process of restoration and growth.

In todays modern high-paced world we live in, there's an expectation to do more, push harder, always consume information and be in permanent 'beast mode'. And many people are happily trading sleep and proper rest for greater productivity, without realising it is likely having the opposite effect. 

Tech. Social Media. TV. Work. Gym. CrossFit. Sports. Hobbies. Family. Friends. Stress. It can feel like a constant draw on your time, and that there's not enough hours in the day. As a result we can find ourselves in an 'always switched on' state. A state of constant low-level stress. Steve knows all too well, as sleep has constantly been traded in the spirit of getting more other stuff done. He is still paying down the consequences. 

So, if you goal is to get more done. Be sharper. Be healthier. Have better control of food cravings and bodyweight. Build more muscle mass. Work on reducing inflammation, disease or mental illness. Show up as a better partner, parent or friend. Sleep and Rest is key and critical. We discuss:

- Why Rest is so important and what is happening internally as we Rest and Sleep

- The impacts of Sleep & Rest deprivation

- -  (1) Sleep - Benefits, Consequences and Top Tips to a better restorative sleep

- - (2) Parasympathetic State - What is it, Why are we not in this state, the benefits and how to enter this restorative state

- - (3) Rest Days when training - Why this is important, the issue with 'no days off', and how to best rest via active recovery

- - (4) Deload Weeks - What are they, who are they for, what is the benefit and forms of deload