#7- Lean Muscle Growth - the 3 Key Pillars to Getting Started

February 13, 2018

In this Episode, we get into an important topic - practical guidance on getting started in the gym, if your primary goal is to build a bigger, leaner and stronger physique.

This is A MUST LISTEN, perhaps a good couple times to fully absorb the clear specific direction offered.

The reality is, most of us have wasted a lot of time in the gym, full of promise and ambition, but never really making a difference to our body shape. We know first hand as both Bryn and Steve have been training in some capacity for 15-20 years each. The majority of that time was spent treading water, making minute gains, or improving function but not physique. For Steve, the body transofrmation has really occured in only the last 1-2 years, only once the key principles within this podcast were fully respected and adhered to with dedication.


The podcast takes the following Structure:-

- Our fun at a London Comedy Story and Bryn's commitment to getting bigger in 2018

- Pillar 1 - Purposely Fuel your body for growth with precision

- Pillar 2 - The importance of Heavy Compound Lifting and Training guidance

- Pillar 3 - Respecting and enjoying the significance of Rest & Recovery to build muscle


As you've come to expect, a content rich and very practical episode, where we share our personal experiences with all the recommendations, and hope to provide you with simple proven tools and knowledge to get the body of your dreams in 2018 and beyond.


#6: Interview with Comedian Joe Bor - His Health & Body Journey

February 6, 2018

In this Episode, we interview an established British Comedian Joe Bor, as he walks us through his realtionship with food, sport, body image and the pursuit for optimal health that has always been just out of reach. 

An honest, raw and funny discussion, as Joe reflects on his teen years going to school with Steve, his pursuit to be a pro footballer, how his career in comedy had some negative health downsides in his twenties, and his perpetual gym membership that has failed to create lasting change in his physique and fitness. Now in his mid-thirties with a family and the general pressures of life, Joe unpacks what health means to him now, and lets us in to some funny experiences around diet and exercise through the years. A very real and relatable story - and one where things are obvious in hindsight and when looking in from the outside.

Younger listeners can learn from Joe's experience, and older listeners can find comfort that they are not alone, and course correcting is straight forward when you know how and have your 'why' behind creating positrive change. 

Joe Bor - Standup Comedian by trade who also has talents in script writing, producing, directing, social media and art. Joe's Fan Page is http://joebor.co.uk, and is on Instagram as @joeborcomedian. The UK Tour 'A Room With A Jew' starts 14th Feb 2018 with all details at https://www.scb-management.com/news.


#5: A Fasting Masterclass & Our Instagram Fun

January 30, 2018

In this Episode, we get stuck into the hot topic of Fasting.

A highly recommended listen, and should give you the enthusiasm to give Fasting a go - in whatever format and timeframe suits you best.


We answer the most common questions we here:-

- What is Fasting?

- How does the below survive without food?

- What are the health and performance benefits?

- How do I pragamtically fit it into my lifestyle, and what's the plan?


As you've come to expect, a content rich and well researched episode, where we hope to provide you with the tools and knowledge to lead an healthy and optimal life.



#4: Cardio Pro and Con Deep Dive, YouTube Sensations & the AdapNation Photoshoot

January 23, 2018

In this Episode, we take a deep dive into the controversy surrounding Cardio.

Should you include it as part of getting fit, healthy and in shape? Does Cardio deserve to be demonised as much as it has been? What are the Pros and Cons of Cardio? If weight control, weight loss and developing a great body are your primary goals, what are AdapNation's recommendations?

No dogma. Some good banter. Our personal experiences with Cardio. A content rich episode where we hope you will be well informed on how to build cardio work into your wokout plan, dependant on your goals. 



#3: Bryn’s X-Factor Audition, Common Training Mistakes & Our Gym Game Changers

January 16, 2018

In this episode:

Steve and Bryn chat about how we've pimped up the broadcasting and gym facility over the last week, Bryn's X-Factor audition(s) and Steve's emotional announcement to leave his corporate gig to go 100% into AdapNation. 

We then get into the core discussion, centred around our big rocks and training mistakes over the years, and how the penny dropped on four or so principles that changed the game in terms of enjoyment and progress in the gym. We may come from different places, but we all eventually end up having to respect these core tennants of training if we want to make progress towards our body goals. We hope you enjoy. 

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#2: Who is Bryn? Who is Steve? What’s AdapNation About?

January 9, 2018

In this episode

- We get things moving by speaking about getting AdapNation off the ground and Bryn’s wedding

- Then we spoke about the why behind AdapNation, what we stand for and how we think we will realise our goals

- We then share our back stories from kids to today - it goes deep, and warning, we meander off track a few times! But its warts and all, and helps you understand what makes the man.

- That flows into how Bryn and I got connected, and the forming of this Podcast.

- And wrapped up on what you can expect from us in the coming months in terms of content and engagement


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#1: AdapNation - New Health, Fitness & Mindset Podcast - Intro

January 2, 2018

In this Podcast, we open up our Podcast show AdapNation, an all-new British podcast on all things to do with optimising your health, body and mind. A short introduction into AdapNation.io and what we aim to broadcast in 2018.

Hosted by Steve Katasi & Bryn Jenkins.