#8: Women & Weight Training - The Why, How & Perks With Michelle Katasi

February 20, 2018

In this Episode, we are joined by the one and only, Michelle Katasi - yes, Steve's wife. After popular demand and much appreciated feedback, we are senstive too being to 'Bro' centric here at AdapNation. Whilst everything we provide guidance on is unisex, the stigma of weight training being something only guys do to get jacked still holds true in many minds. We look to address that topic head on - Women and Weight Training.


A MUST LISTEN for women who want to get in shape, be more functional and have fun building a toned, lean and feminine beach body for 2018. 


This is an honest and raw interview, where Michelle recalls the ups and downs of managing her weight and physique over the last few years whilst being a busy mother of two young children. We touch on many things, including:

- Michelle's histotical impression of Weight Training being a guy-only endeavour

- How Michelle successfully got into shape and shed the pounds on a severe case of Eat Less (2-year crash diet) and Move More (multiple HIIT & 10K runs a week)

- When the Eat Less Move More strategy started to break down, both in weight stalling and serious health issues

- Michelle's experience with Compound Barbell Lifting (Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Rows etc) and generally Free Weights

- What Weightlifting has done for her physically, functionally and mentally, and the positive impacts on her feminine physique 


As you've come to expect, a content rich and very practical episode, where we share personal experiences and hard-learned recommendations, in the hope to provide you with the simple tools and knowledge to get the body and health of your dreams in 2018 and beyond.