February 13, 2018

#7: Lean Muscle Growth - the 3 Key Pillars to Getting Started

In this Episode, we get into an important topic - practical guidance on getting started in the gym, if your primary goal is to build a bigger, leaner and stronger physique.

This is A MUST LISTEN, perhaps a good couple times to fully absorb the clear specific direction offered.

The reality is, most of us have wasted a lot of time in the gym, full of promise and ambition, but never really making a difference to our body shape. We know first hand as both Bryn and Steve have been training in some capacity for 15-20 years each. The majority of that time was spent treading water, making minute gains, or improving function but not physique. For Steve, the body transofrmation has really occured in only the last 1-2 years, only once the key principles within this podcast were fully respected and adhered to with dedication.


The podcast takes the following Structure:-

- Our fun at a London Comedy Story and Bryn's commitment to getting bigger in 2018

- Pillar 1 - Purposely Fuel your body for growth with precision

- Pillar 2 - The importance of Heavy Compound Lifting and Training guidance

- Pillar 3 - Respecting and enjoying the significance of Rest & Recovery to build muscle


As you've come to expect, a content rich and very practical episode, where we share our personal experiences with all the recommendations, and hope to provide you with simple proven tools and knowledge to get the body of your dreams in 2018 and beyond.

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