#6: Interview with Comedian Joe Bor - His Health & Body Journey

February 6, 2018

In this Episode, we interview an established British Comedian Joe Bor, as he walks us through his realtionship with food, sport, body image and the pursuit for optimal health that has always been just out of reach. 

An honest, raw and funny discussion, as Joe reflects on his teen years going to school with Steve, his pursuit to be a pro footballer, how his career in comedy had some negative health downsides in his twenties, and his perpetual gym membership that has failed to create lasting change in his physique and fitness. Now in his mid-thirties with a family and the general pressures of life, Joe unpacks what health means to him now, and lets us in to some funny experiences around diet and exercise through the years. A very real and relatable story - and one where things are obvious in hindsight and when looking in from the outside.

Younger listeners can learn from Joe's experience, and older listeners can find comfort that they are not alone, and course correcting is straight forward when you know how and have your 'why' behind creating positrive change. 

Joe Bor - Standup Comedian by trade who also has talents in script writing, producing, directing, social media and art. Joe's Fan Page is http://joebor.co.uk, and is on Instagram as @joeborcomedian. The UK Tour 'A Room With A Jew' starts 14th Feb 2018 with all details at https://www.scb-management.com/news.