#22: Struggling with Productivity, Creating the Perfect Day, Social Media Addiction, Retiring Early & the Rise of A1/Robots

May 15, 2018

Question: are you super productive, incredibly passionate and without addiction… 100% of the time? 

We’re not, and neither are most people we know. So why is we settle for a 5/10 day when we could have a 10/10 day?

These are the overarching themes of this Episode - Being More Productive, Fuelling your Passion & attempting to control our Social Media Addiction.


For the first 20 or so minutes, Bryn and I chat about the FIRE aspiration (Financial Independent Retire Early), doing work that you are passionate about and the knock on effect to your non-work life, and the  cannibalising effect of AI and Robotics are having to categories of work.


We then discuss:

#1 - Steve’s Pursuit for the Perfect Day and Week -

   - Only getting 5/10 days - am I lazy? Can I not work for myself?

   - Got a busy mind, distracted constantly, bad time management, decision fatigue

   - Am I allowing too much flexibility?

   - the need for automation, structure, accountability and removing the thoughts/decisions

   - Designing a detailed Gold Standard Template for the Perfect Day & Week


#2 - The taboo subject of Social Media Addiction

   - Social Media can be so distracting - less productivity & creativity. Lack of concentrate on difficult tasks. Less presence with our friends and family

   - Do we realise just how long we are on or are distracted by Social Media and Apps every day?

   - What does this mean for kids growing up today where SM is so integral to modern life? Are we staring at a major society addiction?

   - What tips, strategies and ideas can be used to be in control of this distraction, versus being OWNED by Social Media?

   - Is there a future where it will be socially frowned upon to consume Social Media in public places?


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AUDIO: The AdpNation Audio is improving. THanks for your patience. THis episode has a couple of minor glitches. Next episode will be SMOOTH! :)