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#23: Is Scratch Cooking on the Decline & Michelle’s Healthy Tasty Cooking Tips

May 22, 2018

If you are after some inspiration, guidance and practical tips on how to select, prepare and create super tasty food that helps you thrive, then this is absolutely the episode to listen into.


Steve is joined by his wife Michelle, who is both an incredible cook of tasty nutritious food, but also a relatable everyday person who is busy caring for her family, keeping herself fit, dealing with the unlimited day-to-day tasks of life, and also trying to enjoy herself in the process. She is also the ‘chef mastermind’ behind all the 80+ (and growing) Tasty Meal Ideas on AdapNation’s Food Diary


In this Episode, we discuss:


#1 - Are we losing our skills as a society to prepare and flavour food from scratch?

#2 - What are some of the trends, habits and shifts across the last three decades that are contributing to this slow decline in Kitchen IQ?

#3 - The food inspiration that you can check out at

#4 - Michelle’s Approach to Cooking - Rules, Equipment, Staple Ingredients, Superfoods, Inflammatory Food Substitutes, Pro Cooking Tips and Seasoning Ideas.


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