#20: Bryn’s PT Career Growth, Reflections on the Fitness Industry… & Motorbikes

May 1, 2018

In this Episode, we talk about Bryn’s love affair with Motorbikes and our various crashes on two wheels (oops), before getting into a really interesting interview-style session where we get into Bryn’s career inspiration, personal growth and observations of the Fitness industry at large.


The Fitness and Wellness Industry has changed quite a lot since I started hitting the gym at 15 years old (20+ years ago). Some amazing advances and some clear room for improvement. We get to hear Bryn’s perspective on this and how he has developed as a personal trainer. Accessible and engaging for all - from those who are thinking about getting fit through to seasoned industry peers.


Bryn answers questions around these themes:


#1 - How Bryn got inspired to get into he Fitness space, and his early years cutting his teeth

#2 - Clients that helped him grow - the good and bad ones

#3 - Observations on helping people create lasting physical change and the lessons learnt

#4 - The evolution of the Fitness industry over the last 15-20 years

#5 - The good and progressive aspects of the Fitness and Wellness space

#6 - The bad or discouraging reality of the industry - from bad PT’s and Commercial gyms to misguided Marketing and Big Ego’s on Insta

#7 - How we, the Consumer, need to change our expectations if we want real change in this space and our health


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